Youtuber App : Your Youtube channel changes into an Android App ! More followers and more advertisement income.


You are a content creator ? You have a Vlog, a music channel, a Gaming channel, tutorials or in any other fields on Youtube ? You want to have more followers, more interactivity and above all a renewed advertisement income and earn money ? You want to have your own coded Android app and not undergoing Youtube algorithms that can reference your channel wrong and to have a lasting bond with your followers ? YoutubeursApp is made for you, without changing anything with your habits !

Users spend more than an hour a day to watch Youtube on their smartphones and the time spent watching Youtube on a mobile device rose by more than 45% in one year in 2017 ( Google statistic ). YoutubeursApp is a coded Android app that converts and synchronizes automatically and without any action on your part in one App created under Android. You have your hand on everything and also develop new marketing tools very innovating through your presence on Play Store ( Android Apps ) : sending for free as many notifications as you want and when you want with Firebase, earning money with Admob through advertisement banners outside of Youtube and earning passive incomes ( more followers so more clics on advertisements so more money for you ), offering an original service and totally innovating to your followers and exceed your competitors etc…

Download our Demo App with a concrete example : a Gaming channel where the youtuber manages his page from the Youtube website and everything synchronizes automatically without any intervention.

Caractéristics : 

  • No monthly fees or server, host or bandwidth purchase, The app synchronizes through the Youtube API v3 and allows to watch 4k and HD videos on mobile devices,
  • Your videos are added chronologically with an unlimited scrolling bar and very easy to use for the user
  • Favourites can be added by the user on the app, If the user wants to save your best videos he can go to the “Favorites” section in the app and watch them again multiple times,
  • Videos sharing is very simple and optimized on the app : it is very easy for the user to share your videos through a simple display and thus develop your videos’ virality. It is very easy to share them on social medias ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat,,, ), through email, through a link, etc…
  • Notifications can be sent whenever you want to your followers, at any time and with the text you want with Firebase ( free ), This very efficient tool will allow you to boost your videos’ views,
  • Your Youtube channel’s playlists are visible in the app
  • A research browser is available in the app for the user to find very easily a specific video on your channel
  • A refreshing system very performing ( immediate synchronization and a “swipe to refresh” )
  • New statistical tools for your app’s performance and a simple display for the incomes generated by the app






Interested? Contact us here, by mail or by Phone number (Mobile in France) +33 6 62 31 31 47.


    Firebase and Admob accounts are free ( if signed up on Google ), to spread your app on Google Play store a single 25 dollars entrance fee is asked for as many apps as you want. Gorillads furnishes you the source code of the app only ( we can accompany you in all of these steps to publish your app ) and works through the Youtube v3 API. If Google desires to close the API V3 service and doesn’t want to broadcast videos outside of its Youtube website in the future, Gorillads will not be responsible of the changes decided by Google. All trademarks cited on this website belong to their respective owners, Gorillads does not belong to Google or its subsidiaries,